10 TO 85: A CORRESPONDENCE   spatial distance, a beginning

Named after the freeways that connect Atlanta and New Orleans, this project began as a way to expand a burgeoning friendship and collaboration across state lines. Motivated by a desire to formalize and question sharing thought as a way of getting to know one another, Jocine and Sophie began writing for one another. They created their correspondences as combinations of text and collage.

Bad Skin at the Club Subaltern (J. Velasco) uses unconventional materials such as banana flowers and fabric. Stills from Velasco’s iPhone videos were also used. Each issue gravitates around a theme, “Family”, “Stress”, “Pain”, and “Joy ‘n’ Celebration.”

Chronicles of the Deposed (S. Whittemore) is a sexualized narrative of hospitalization.

Both authors would like to thank Fed-Ex Kinko’s for publishing this work for little to no money.

©Plain Site Project/Jocine Velasco/Sophie Whittemore, U.S.A. 2018